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Nau Mai, Haere Mai


Our Principal, Karla Hull, is always available to our parents and students. If you would like to see her, pop into the office to make an appointment.  

Tania Lyon, our Office Manager, is ready with a smile and will help you with any questions you might have.

Interested in enrolling your child/ren?

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īnanga - Our Junior School

Our junior school is from years 0 to 4. 


The early years are a time when your child needs to feel safe and secure in their learning.  We endeavour to provide a stress free, caring learning environment, where the children’s interests, passions and curiosities are built on and  nurtured through play based learning. 


Jayne Bolsover, Scott Sell and Caroline Auld, bring years of experience and provide your child with a positive start to their school life. They start to discover  the wonderful world of literacy and learn about the exciting world of maths, learning to learn, in a fun and supportive environment.


We love to see our children, playing, talking and engaging in their own explorations.  As teachers we get alongside our learners and ask “I wonder” questions to bring out their amazing learning.


New Entrants - Turning 5!

Starting school is an exciting time.  It’s a big milestone in the life of a child and their family.  Here at Te Puru School, we offer a warm welcome and a smooth transition from Early Childhood.  We visit our local Kindy and they visit us every term.  We invite our preschool enrolments to spend time with us before they start school.  They get to experience life at school, meet the teacher and other students. (See our Enrolment Page for more information). 

Kahawai - Our Middle School

Our Year 5&6 classes make up our Middle Team, led by Sarah Oxford and Jade Beaver. These years are important as they build on what has gone before, and then prepare the students to transition to the Senior School. 

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Sarah and Jade work together to offer a nurturing, fun environment where children can become more confident and competent in setting learning goals and achieving these. Recognising the importance of providing for the whole child, they place importance on developing life skills and independence alongside academic goals. Sarah and Jade collaborate in their teaching, working to their strengths and bringing a wealth of shared experience to their students.


Our Senior School is a vibrant learning area, led by Pippa Harry and Izaac Garmey. With High School just around the corner, Year 7 & 8 are important transitional years.
At Te Puru School, we do this transitional journey really well, in close partnership with the local high schools.



Our senior classes are focused on developing students’ self management and reflection skills so that they are ready for high school. The two classes work together as one, with the best of both teachers being offered to all students. 


We build relationships with students that are both supportive and challenging to bring out the best in our tamariki. By supporting students to know themselves academically and emotionally, they are then better placed to make decisions about their learning, which they do through goal setting and self-directed learning. 


We have a variety of leadership possibilities that all students play some part in to further build their confidence and leadership skills.

Each year, we develop a clear, strong and living vision with our tamariki...and each year we achieve this. Our students are always encouraged to step out of comfort zones, to take risks and to love learning.





Haku - Our Seniors & Graduates

In our opinion, our Te Puru School graduates are the finest around! 

By the time they leave our care, they are ready to spread their wings and enter the new, exciting world of high school. They are competent self-managers, creative and critical thinkers and good communicators.


Many of our students go on to leadership positions in high school, and we regularly receive feedback from high school staff of the high calibre and admirable character of our graduates.


Our whakatauki is, "Whakatupuria nga ika iti i roto i a matou wai marino" (to let all young fish grow strong in our calm waters) and every year we are so proud of the outstanding young people who leave us, well-rounded and ready for the wider waters of high school.


They have grown strong in our waters.

We are glad to have been part of their journey and celebrate with them as they go.