Here at Te Puru School, 

we believe that our children are really advantaged by their exposure to our modern learning environments (MLE).


Why Do We Have Them?


We know that the Te Puru School way of preparing our students for high school works! Our students go on to experience high levels of success - academically, in the sporting arena, in the arts and in leadership. In 2014, at THS, five of our former pupils were in the senior leadership team. In 2015, our former student, Mitchell Herbert, has been selected to be Head Boy. We believe that MLE will enhance and strengthen our ability to prepare our students for the next stages.

Having our students develop the lifeskills that our Modern Learning Environments facilitate will absolutely be an advantage at high school and in life.


What's Different About Them?


If you walk into Room Rimu (our senior classroom), the first thing you'll notice is that there are no traditional desks. As you can see in the pictures, there is an assortment of ergonomically designed furniture allowing movement and choice for our students.








The second thing you'll notice is that all of the children are engaged in their learning - but that most of them seem to be doing different tasks. Some are working independently and others are working collaboratively - and then switching like a well choreographed dance.


The third thing you might notice (if you chat to them) is that the students are referring to timetables throughout the day - self-created timetables - and working their way through a self-set plan. You'll hear them focus on deadlines and goals and you'll see them have the desire to complete their work to the highest possible standard.


You'll see many of them using computers and talking about Google docs and sharing and weeblies and uploading and...and...and... They are utilising up-to-date tools to optimise their learning.

Glance over their shoulder at the screen as they work and you'll see them writing and commenting on their peers' writing with quality, useful feedback. Visit their peers and watch them read this feedback carefully and take it onboard.


We think you will be blown away by the competency of our students and by the high levels of responsibilty you see in them.



MLE on Campbell Live

Key Competencies


And speaking of competency...hopefully you'll be struck by the evidence before your eyes - living, breathing evidence - of the embedding of many of our NZ Curriculum's Key Competencies in the children.


Any moment of the day, you will see students:



Relating to Others

Participating and Contributing


Can You Come and See?


Absolutely! Please drop into the office and arrange a mutually convenient time to come and have a tour.

Could this be the future for which we are preparing our children?

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