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The Show Must Go On

Senior Production 2018

No Place Like Home

Senior Production 2014

Our Virtues Movies

We think using the virtues is one of the key things that makes us an awesome school. Our seniors made some movies to encourage us to use the virtues. Check them out below.






Beach Clean Up Day

We collected a huge amount of litter from the beach along our coast. Everyone pitched in and helped, from the 5yr olds to the seniors.

At Te Puru, we are sunsmart.

Here's a cool video to show why. 

This is why sunhats and sunblock are soooooo important - and compulsory during terms 1 & 4 - for our school community. When we use sunblock, the sun can't see us. It's like camouflage!

Wacky Hair Day 2014

What a lot of crazy hair dos and what a great way to support Westpac Rescue Helicopter!

Well done, Te Puru School!

Joseph Sullivan

This was SOOOOO cool! An Olympic gold medalist standing in our hall and telling us all about it! It was SOOOO inspiring!! We got to hold the medal and watch the race...and then we took him out to play for a while on the sea.

Beautiful Earth

We love the powerful message in this video which is why we included it in our school production 'There's No Place Like Home' in 2014.

Saving Tangaroa

A strong message from our senior production in 2012, Saving Tangaroa. We really want to look after the ocean.

The Story of Matariki

Created by a group of awesome boys aged 7-11. 

The Race!!

Here is the gold medal winning race from the 2012 Olympics. Joseph and Nathan rock!!